Welcome, and thank you for considering the City of Barrie as a potential location for your special event or filming project. The City of Barrie recognizes the significant role that festivals and events play in the community, as well as the social and economic value they bring to Barrie residents and businesses. A part of the City of Barrie Recreation & Culture Services Department, our mandate is to encourage cultural and economic growth and create an environment of celebration and community connection.

The management of special events and filming on Municipal property requires the coordinated efforts of many to ensure safety, compliance with applicable by-laws and policies, and preservation of community resources. The City of Barrie's Special Events Policy describes the application and approval process, establishes priorities and conditions for approval, documents guidelines for operations, and provides details on the costs associated with hosting a Special Event on outdoor Municipal Property. For more information about the Special Events Policy, please contact the Special Events Office.

For new events or returning events with changes to format, date, or location:
Before beginning the application process, contact the City's Special Events Office with details of your proposed event, including date and location. Your event will be reviewed by the Special Events Office and possibly Barrie's Event Action Team. Should it be approved to proceed with the Special Event Permit process, you will be instructed by staff to begin this application.

For returning events:
Before submitting your Special Event Permit application in Eproval, please submit your proposed location and date to the Special Events Office. Once staff have reviewed your request, you may then submit your application for review by the Special Events Office and Barrie's Event Action Team stakeholders. You can duplicate a previous application and update with new details.

For filming:
Barrie has been the backdrop of many film projects, from feature films to television shows, commercials, documentaries, and student projects. If you are planning to film in Barrie, please contact the Special Events Office before submitting your permit application. Staff are happy to provide information about potential locations, permits, and other requirements for your project.

Please note that event organizers, along with their employees, officials, volunteers, participants, and invitees, must comply with all policies, laws, bylaws and regulations of all lawful authorities, as well as the Terms and Conditions. The City of Barrie reserves the right to deny events that are deemed to be unsafe, unsuitable, or that do not abide by City guidelines, policies, or bylaws. If you have any questions regarding site availability or the suitability of your event, please contact the Special Events Office at (705) 739-4285 or events@barrie.ca.

To apply for a Special Event Permit, you will need to have an account with us. If you don't have an account, please create an account here.


The City of Barrie manages the Georgian Theatre, a professional performing arts facility on the Georgian College campus, and the downtown Five Points Theatre, presented by Pratt Homes & Pratt Development and including the Park Place Theatre.

Whether you're looking for a quote or are ready to apply, please complete and submit the booking request application. Applications to rent may not be submitted sooner than one year prior to your event date.

No advertising of an event may occur until the application has been reviewed and approved by the Supervisor of Venue Management.

The City of Barrie reserves the right to require police or security staff for any event at the expense of the applicant or to cancel the event altogether if a significant security concern is identified. The number of staff, as well as the security provider will be at the discretion of the City of Barrie.

To submit an application, you must have an account. If you do not have an account, please create an account here.


  • Special Events Office - Outdoor Parks and Public Spaces:
    (705) 739-4285, events@barrie.ca
  • Theatre Venues - Five Points and Georgian Theatres:
    (705) 739-4299, culture.venues@barrie.ca
    Visit barrie.ca for more information about booking the theatres.
  • Recreation Facilities - Halls, Ice Rinks, Pools, and Athletic Fields:
    (705) 739-4223, recreation.information@barrie.ca
    Visit barrie.ca for a full list of locations, fees, and booking forms.
  • Office of the Mayor - Flag Raisings and Proclamations:
    (705) 792-7900
    Visit barrie.ca for more information or to submit an online booking request.
  • For any other site/facility, please visit barrie.ca or contact the Special Events Office for assistance.


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