Special Event & Culture Venue Bookings

Barrie is home to a variety of exciting community events, festivals, and cultural programs. They are vital to Barrie's ongoing development as a progressive, diverse, creative, healthy, and vibrant community; however, events and culture venue bookings require a great deal of planning, communication, cooperation, time, and resources. Successful events are the result of responsible leadership, organization, coordinated effort, preparing for the unexpected, and evaluation.

The City of Barrie recognizes the significant role that these creative endeavors and industries play in the community and the social and economic value they bring to residents and businesses. These events increase civic pride and celebrate the culture of the community, add to the wonderful quality of life, and provide opportunities for residents to participate in recreation and culture activities. They also showcase the waterfront and downtown, enhance the city's profile, promote Barrie as a tourism destination, and provide economic benefits to local businesses and community organizations.

It is important for the City of Barrie to set standards for the safe and successful management of these events and cultural activities, as well as to streamline the application and approval process for event organizers, venue renters, and stakeholders.

The City of Barrie's Special Events Policy outlines the application and approval process, establish priorities and conditions for approval, guidelines for operation, and provide details as to the requirements, costs, and responsibilities associated with hosting a Special Event on outdoor Municipal Property.

For more information about Special Event Permits, contact:
Special Events Office
Phone (705) 739-4285
Email events@barrie.ca

The Venue Booking Guidelines outline the process and requirements for rentals of the Five Points Theatre and the Georgian Theatre.

For more information about Culture Venue bookings, contact:
Culture Venue Bookings
Phone (705) 739-4299
Email culture.venues@barrie.ca